Monday, November 23, 2009

Lamp Shade, Plastic Vase, Cute Guys

This is what happens when the parents leave the room, and there is a broken lamp shade around, oh ya and a little brother that is around too.

Here is my handsome little guy all dressed up to go to Gramma's house.

Here is Gabe (my other handsome guy) and Kathy.

On Sunday we had friends, Deborah and Audrey pay us a visit. Audrey wanted to hold Gabe a little, so she did. Gabe was very interested in her hat. Good thing he put her in her place with his sweatshirt. ;)

Deborah also brought me this plastic vase. It stores flat, you put water in it with the flowers and you are good to go! Kinda crazy, but very cool.

This weekend we got a special delivery. Our wreath! YEAH! It is getting to be Christmas time!

This evening I was cutting up onion to put in the freezer and I had tears running down my cheeks. That was a first for me! I have had burning and watering before, but not like this. It was crazy! I had to have Trever take my glasses off so I could kind of see.

Sorry about the long post. This is what happens when things are too busy to find time to sit on the computer and get everything organized and uploaded.


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The Frechette's said...

Very cute pics! I don't quite get the plastic vase thing, but it looks cool!