Monday, November 16, 2009

Potty, Dancing, and Crawling

This is Carson dancing to music in CARS.

Carson has been potty trained for a while now and has been going poops in his little potty (or in his nap/night time diaper). While I have been cleaning up the last couple times after he goes and sterilizing the little potty, I have been thinking how yucky the little potty really is. So last week when he went in the little potty, I said, "next time you need to go you can use the big potty." He said, "OK." And that was that.

So this afternoon he said he needed to go poops, so I took him to the big potty. He usually asks me to leave, but today he wanted me to stay. After he went, he asked Trever, Rachel (James' mom) and myself if we wanted to see his poops. ;) Kids are just too funny! He went on the big potty, and I didn't have to clean the little potty again. YEAH!

Gabe has been army crawling and doing "downward dog" crawling for a couple weeks now. This afternoon, he did a little more...


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Goosegirl said...

Simone, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. The boys are darling as always.