Friday, July 17, 2009

BIG Day!

Today was the 3rd day this week that we have worked on Carson not wearing a diaper and wearing big boy pants (excluding nap time). Monday, Thursday and today were ALL successful in big boy pants without ANY accidents. Today was the first day that after nap we put the big boy pants on until bed time and still, NO ACCIDENTS! I am so amazingly proud of Carson. It sounds so cheese-ball, but my heart is just filled with joy and happiness for him. I don't know if or how I can really convey that to my 2 1/2 year old.

We were outside a lot this morning where he went pee and poops, but then we were inside plenty to where he had to go in the potty. So AMAZING! Boy, never thought I could be so proud of the little guy. Before his nap, I told him that since he has been doing such a good job of going in the potty, that after nap he could have a treat. I also told him Papa would be home when he got up. So, after he woke up, Trev went and got him. He said, "Hi Pop, can I have a treat?" The little guy has a GREAT memory! :) Then he came out into the living room and asked me for his treat.

Part of our morning was spent watering and playing with water. I got the Elmo sprinkler out of the garage that used to be big Cuz Cole's, and happened to noticed a frog in the garage. That is right, a FROG! So, my first thought was, "I need to call Michael and Karter and have them come up and catch it." Second thought was, "If I leave, it might hide and I won't be able to find it." So, I toughed it out and caught it myself. That might not be a big deal to some bug/small animal friendly people, but to me, it was! In the middle of me trying to get him, he hopped behind some stuff, so I had to guide him back out to where I could get my hands around him and get him out of the garage. It took plenty of tries of me getting my hands close enough around him, him having to hop so I could pick him up and me trying to keep all the squealing down to where I could focus and get the job done. I am happy to report, that I DID DO IT! I got him in my hands, and carried him outside and put him in a plant. Whew! We had to call Papa and tell him all about it. I think my adrenaline was going, cause I felt like I had just had a work out! :) I would have liked to take a picture, but didn't want to turn my back on him, so he could hop somewhere else. So, this time we are picture-less.


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