Saturday, July 25, 2009


Carly came over yesterday to play with Carson for a bit and eat lunch with us. She is so great to have over. Carson loves her so much! He gets REALLY wound up and doesn't really behave that well with having her over. We were praying that he would CALM DOWN and he was shaking his arms all around. Don't know how to get him to realize it is OK, and he can calm down and still play. :) Carly is such a trooper with Carson and his behavior. She said he was "snuggling" with her, but it was hurting her tummy. :)

Today, Gabe is 4 months YOUNG!!! Man, where does the time go? I think he is teething some, so that hasn't been so great. Before today, he hasn't been taking naps all that well, waking up too early. He has owie mouth. His hands, blankie or something around him is in his mouth all the time. I was holding him last night and he was digging his gums into my shoulder. There was a blankie on my shoulder and there was a red mark from him when I took it off. Makes me sad for the little guy.

Praise the Lord! Trever got some business from a family member of a previous refinance he had done. We are ever so thankful to the Lord and the family for referring them to Coster Capital. :) Thank you!

Carson is now only in diapers for nap and night-time. He had 2 accidents last weekend. One time while he was with Papa and the other when we were outside seeing our family for the BBQ last Sunday. I think he was too excited and didn't want to leave all the fun. We are SO proud of him! I am so amazed at how well he is really doing. Thank you Jesus!


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