Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Over the weekend I wanted to get Gabe into his crib in hi room. To do that, I had to get the crib set up and all put together. Monday morning I finished getting the crib put together and washed the bedding for it. Yesterday, Gabe took all his naps in there. He slept really good, didn't wake up early from any of his naps. We even had friends over, and he slept through all the noise. :)

During the day I was fine with him being in his own room. However, when night time came and I would put him to bed in his room, in his bed, that was a different story. He is a little guy in his big boy bed! I didn't cry or anything like that, but I was definitely a little sad. It is just the letting go thing that is hard to do (I am sure many moms can agree with that!) and I know I will have to let go for a lot of things in his life. Going to school (if I don't home school), going places with his friends without me or Papa, traveling for soccer games in high school, moving out to go to college and of course when he decides to say "I DO." BUT, as our neighbor and friend pointed out to me last night, we would all sleep better...and...let me tell you! Did we sleep better, or what? I guess Gabe woke up at about 5:45 this morning, but went back to sleep. YEAH! And he woke up to start the day at 7:15! It was perfect! I got home in time from the Y and got showered and ready to feed my precious little baby.

Just wanted to share a big step for us, well for me that is. I don't Gabe minds being in his big boy bed! :) Pictures will come this weekend at some point.


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The Frechette's said...

That will be a big step for me too (when the time comes). So wonderful that he's sleeping through the night so well! And your already going back to the Y! That's Awesome!!!