Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jets, Horses, and Poops

As we celebrated our Freedom yesterday, I was looking at Aaron's hat (see below) thinking about not only the "free will" we have in this country, but the "FREE WILL" we have in the Lord. With God's love of giving His ONE AND ONLY SON for you and I, He gave us total freedom. Freedom in the Lord. Some might say that total freedom in the Lord doesn't make sense. It does to me, because we can choose which way we want to go, our way or the Lord's way. With obeying the Lord and doing His best in Heaven and in this life we can be free and blessed! We have freedom in Him, which is such an amazing option for this life.

We had a very good day yesterday. It started off with Trever and Carson riding the bike over to Mimi and Grandpa's house to watch all the runners go down Oak St. Once they got home, we finished up getting ready and walked to the parade. We sat in front of Earth Friendly Kids to watch this year. Kristin, my mom and I met down there Friday morning at 6am to stake out our spot next to a tree. I was very happy with the spot. There was partial shade during the parade, so the kids could cool off and take a break from being on the curb watching the parade.

Carson sat on the curb almost the whole time, in the hot sun. Praise the Lord, he didn't get any burn! The baby sunscreen of SPF 50 really pays off! He took a tiny break, but not long enough. By the time the parade was over, he was not looking to good. He was spacey, kinda limp (really relaxed), and just totally zoning. We got him in shade and in the jogger and picked up the speed of giving him water. Also gave him some almonds for protein. By the time we got downtown (having to stop and get tired, fussy, Gabe in the front pack) and got our lunch and seats, Carson was much better. He ate some more food, had some more liquid and was better. He was very tired, but what we think was heat stroke seemed to be gone.

Once we walked home and cranked down the air (I was SO SWEATY from having Gabe in the front pack, and walking home) we wrapped things up and got in good naps, all of us. Carson looked even better after his nap. I slowly started to get things ready for the BBQ we were having across the street from our house, in the open space. I had to do almost everything last minute (punch, green salad, chips and salsa). We had a very fun and successful BBQ with the Coster's, the Cox's (Kristin's sister, niece and nephew who came down from Olympia), Gwamma and G.G. There were a lot of kids, 8 to 11 during the evening. It was so nice to be outside and have all the space for the kids to run around and ride bikes. Parents and Grandparents could talk and keep a look out on the kids, but not have to continually say, too loud, calm down, or go outside.

While we were eating and hanging out, Cam and Kasia made a very BIG entrance. They rode 2 of the 3 horses they have over to the open space. A couple of the kids pet them and then they headed off. They went tried to go through Helman School to get back to the horses house. There is a man whole at the end of the sidewalk right before the school field and the horses got all spooked from the man whole. Kasia's horse went one way and she ended up on the ground on her back. She was OK, but (according to Trev) looked like she was in pain, as I would imagine. Once we got Carson in and ready for bed, he prayed for Kasia, that she would be all better.

After Gabe's cat nap he took, I was feeding him getting him ready for bed. In between feedings, he did a poops, so I went to change it. While I was changing it, he peed on the curtain and then started do more poops on the changing table. Once I kinda got him cleaned up from that, I put him on the bed so I could clean up the mess and while I was doing that he decided to do more poops on the bed!!! I could not believe it! He had 3 messes during ONE changing that I had to clean up! Oh BOY! :) Fortunately my mom was right there to help me keep him covered up so I could get everything cleaned up and start a load of laundry. Not really what I thought I would be doing at 9:30 at night!

Overall, we had a great 4th! I really enjoyed the BBQ with our wonderful friends and family. The parade of OK. I like to go only because of tradition. Stake out the spot, get there early, visit people and of course THOSE JETS!!!

Believe it or not, there are MORE pictures to see, here.

On a non-related 4th note, my cousin Christian is out of the hospital! Praise God! It looks like our Grandma is going to go out East to take care of him for a couple weeks.


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