Sunday, July 26, 2009

Savings, Savings, Savings

We have become very fond of special deals. Sales, coupons, clearance items, clearance items with coupons...

We got our hands on some Kohl's $5 coupons. With those coupons we bought:

pnk earings, $14, $.40
bangels, $30, $.40
turq. earings, $14, $.60
womens tank top, $16, $1.40
sports bra, $36, $9.40
mens socks (6), $10, $2.00
Toddler polo shirt, $16, $1.40
2 baby sleepers, $16, $3.00
baby jumper suit/bib, $12, $1.00
-------- -------
$164.00 $19.60

That is a savings of $144.40! Not bad, if I say so myself! :) It was a little crazy with Carson and Gabe. Carson was tired and not doing all that great, BUT we did get it done. And Gabe was sleepy after only getting cat naps in since we went to church...not to mention we were all HOT! Can you believe this weather??? SUMMER IS HERE!

What have been your BIG savings lately??? What is your favorite way to save?


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