Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Change

Today, I cut off about 12" of my hair. About 10 1/2" are getting mailed to Locks of Love tomorrow, but the rest fell on the salon floor...

About 2 weeks ago, the idea of cutting all my hair off and donating it got put in my head. I don't remember how that all came about, but it did. I know it is just hair, but I haven't had this short of hair since I got married, almost 7 years ago! I thought it would be nice to help out a child (it takes 30 hair donations for ONE wig!), feel cooler for the summer, look/feel healthier, and maybe not so easy for Gabe to pull on?!

I wasn't totally sold on the idea, either was Trever. But, last week I talked to my cousin Christian (picture below), who has had a hard last month or so, well really year. With 2 back surgeries and an emergency surgery on his abdomen, I would say that counts as hard. He was saying that after about 15 years of having long hair, he cut it all off after being out of the hospital for 2 days! My Gramma got home this afternoon from being out East, helping him, so I haven't seen pix yet. After having a wonderful talk with Christian, I decided that if he can do, so can I! Thanks for the push Christian! ;) I love you lots!

So what do ya think?



Goosegirl said...

Cute Simone. India has donated twice to Locks of Love. Ahnalin is begging to cut her hair and I am not sure yet. But it will be donated as well if we get it cut.

Sandra said...

I heard about your big hair adventure from Michele today. I love it!