Monday, July 20, 2009


I find that Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's fly by every week and then on Thursday's I always have to remind myself what day it is and figure out how many week days we have left until the weekend. Usually I feel disappointed that we still have Thursday and Friday to get through until the Trever can be home with us. As much as I do look forward to the weekend and Trev being home, this last Saturday morning I chose to over react to some silly event, and ruined a good hour of our morning. I got out of my "funk" and we had a good rest of the day.

We had missed a call from Mimi, so Carson called her back. She was trying to have him ask us something, but it wasn't going so well, so Trev finished up the phone call. The bottom line was that they had been given 2 $25 gift cards to the Olive Garden and wanted to know if we would join them for dinner. The last time Trev and I went out to dinner was in March to celebrate our Valentine's Day. I couldn't even tell ya the last time we went to dinner with Mimi and Grandpa. Trever hasn't even been to the Olive Garden in Medford before!!! I have been there one other time, about 4 or 5 years ago, so needless to say we don't eat out much and never eat at the Olive Garden. It was funny though, cause we were both so excited!!! We all loaded up into Auntie's car (they had our car in Seattle) and went on our way. Gabe fell asleep in his bucket seat and Carson behaved very well. It was so enjoyable. Both boys did a great job being out at the restaurant. The car ride home was interesting since it was past Carson's bedtime, but we all survived it.

The last several Sunday's Trever has been going to open houses to talk to realtor's and give them his business cards, so we haven't been going to church. This weekend he decided he didn't want to do that, so we went to church. It was the 2ND TIME GABE AND I HAVE GONE SINCE HE WAS BORN (he will be 4 months on the 25th)!!! I know, I know. It was so nice to be back there! The worship was wonderful! The teaching was great too. It was the 3rd week of a marriage study, so that was nice to get in on. And Carson had a great time in Sunday School.

Before we left for church he said, "I will not push Paige over." We had a little talk about how we are nice to our friends, and we do not push them over. So, after Sunday School, he said, "I didn't push Paige over." We were happy to hear about that. :) We not only went to church, but also went to WinCo and Fred Meyer for some groceries. Major outing for the Coster family! :)

Trever's Uncle John, Auntie Barb, and cousin Sivje (her girls India and Ahnalin) were in town for a couple nights resting before making their way back home, so we ended up having a BBQ across the street in the open space with them and my mom. It was great to see them face to face and not just see their blog and Facebook accounts. :)
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1 inch. That is the depth of Gabe's first roll on his leg when they are out straight.

Any potty training experienced moms have any general tips that would be helpful? Anything that pops out in your head? Tips? Tricks?


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