Monday, April 19, 2010

8 Days and Counting

So last week I was reading over one of the many blogs I follow. Sarah Mae posted a "Get Dressed Challenge" for her readers. I read what she had to say about it, and thought I would join in (not officially) for getting dressed every day. Part of what she said was "lets look lovely for our husbands, our children, and ourselves."

I am happy to report that I have actually gotten dressed these last 8 days. On Saturday I was in comfy clothes a little earlier than every other day. But, I have done it. I have to say, I kinda enjoy getting my outfit put together the night before (even earrings and maybe a ring or bracelet too), along with the boys clothes too. I don't go to town on make up, just the basics of mascara (unless an event is planned), but the dressed part helps out for the feel of the day, I think.

I have asked you before about your attire for the day, just thought I would share with you the challenge. Join in if you want!

BTW, 8 days goes by oh so fast!!! Amazing.

And on that note, I gotta go get all our clothes ready for tomorrow!

Goodnight! :)

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