Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little Things

Being 36 weeks pregnant, makes the little things in life a little bit harder.  Things like getting dressed, putting on shoes, leaning over to eat your food, bending over to pick things up off of the ground and of course just walking!  ;) (Just to name a few).

Last night I was trying to eat a hamburger while watching the Olympics and couldn't really do it since I can't lean forward to make sure the food will drip on the plate, instead of my stomach.  So, then I tried eating it with one hand and that didn't work out either.  Gabe came over to me, picked up my plate, and said," here Mom, I will hold it for you."  So he held my plate up over my stomach, so I could eat my burger.

I love moments like that that melt this Mama's heart.  Those moments might not happen every second of every day, but it is a great reminder of what the Lord has given us and out job to train and raise these busy bodies.


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Anonymous said...

Precious, precious, precious!!!