Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shower of Blessings!

This morning was a day of blessings!  Many of my friends and family gathered at the open space by my moms house to bless me, Finn and the rest of my family!  
It was a very special time celebrating with all the lovely ladies!  I can't wait to get everything all organized!  I keep thinking about everyone who came and the amazing gifts we were given.  We are truly blessed!  The generosity is just mind boggling! 

Wonderful family and friends! 

Thank you everyone for coming!  Thanks Mom, for putting this together!  It was so great.  Thank you Mom, Jodie, Gina, Kristin, Alicia, Isabella, Jacqueline, Heidi, Pat and any others who helped prep food, set up and take down!  I am amazed by all the love!  I love you guys and whether we talk daily or once in a while, I am so blessed to have you in my life.  I thank God for you and your kindness.

Here are some pictures that I got emailed to me this morning.  Had to add some of the beauty to the post!


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