Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My in-laws have a time share that they use about every 2 years.  This year they were put on a couple of different waiting lists and got a call about a month ago that one was open in Depot Bay this week.  Knowing that I would be 39+ weeks pregnant, I knew I would be staying home.

Trever and the boys left on Saturday for the coast, and are on their way home right now. 

About a week and a half ago, I made a very dumb decision to run a few steps to get to one of my children and could barely walk after that for several days.  The ligament pain I had was out of control.  Crying while walking out of control.  It slowly got better, or at least to the point where I could walk and not support myself on the couch or walls, which was nice.

Knowing that I couldn't go was a bit disappointing to me.  However, I started to think about it differently while they were gone.  I realized that I could get a lot crossed off on my "to do list before Finn comes."   

My mom and I started work right away!  Over the next several days we made three huge meals to freeze, plus 4 (large) Nancy's yogurt containers full of soup, so that we have some meals ready as needed for after the baby comes.  At home, I got working on my list.  Things like packing my hospital bag, cleaning up piles of papers, books and magazines (going through my ginormous pile), organizing diapers (so I can make sure I can get to the right size as needed) and wipes, and converted part of our dresser into a changing table to the night time changes.

I slowly started to realize that this time was really from the Lord.  Time to heal my ligaments with resting and sleeping in a bit, time to cook, time to organize and one of the last times to have quiet before we have 3 Coster's boys making noise.  I have missed my family dearly, but am very thankful to have been given this time to do some resting.

We are looking forward to Finn's arrival, and I think we are ready for when he decides to join us.  Well, there are some people (like my doctor) that are out of town, that need to get back here, so that who needs to be there can be!


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Wise Woman:
As a child snuggles up to their mother,
So the mother snuggles up to her Heavenly Father.