Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feeling Better

I feel like in these last couple of days, Finn and I have really gotten the hang of things.  I like schedules, and Finn is our 3rd child to be on a schedule.  Child to child, things can be similar or very different. 

Many people ask if Finn is a good baby.  I always find myself stumbling to answer that question and answer with a bunch of gibberish.  I remember with Carson trying to get him to burp at night and him just crying and crying because he had a gassy tummy.  I remember with Gabe trying to get him to eat at 11pm or so, and him just crying.  After several nights of this, I realized he didn't want to eat, he wanted to sleep.  But, that doesn't mean Carson and Gabe were hard babies.  I think I had a harder time with Carson because it is so new and different from just taking care of myself.

Finn eats, has a little up time (as Gabe would say), and then naps.  And as of now, right about 3 hours from when he last ate, will wake up ready to eat again.  While he is eating, if he fusses, he needs to burp.  At night when he is done on one side, and I try to get him to eat more, he starts to cry because he wants to sleep and not eat.  But, I don't want to get up within an hour or so to finish, so we work hard on getting a full feeding.

Up until Friday, Finn would fuss about 30-45 minutes before he is supposed to get up and eat.  Trever and myself would pick him up, try to burp him/comfort him, and then {try to}put him back down.  It is a bit hard to get anything done (like taking a shower, eating, laundry) when you only have 45 minutes to get things done.  So, Friday, I let him fuss.  It didn't last long, and he went back to sleep for about 30-45 more minutes.  And since then for all 3 naps, that is what he does.  He wakes up, fusses here and there and then goes back to sleep.  It is so nice to have him settle himself.  Don't get me wrong, if it is really bad, or he sounds different, we will pick him up.

I love getting the hang of things.  I think it makes for a much more peaceful home, and a bit of a more relaxed mom when she knows when she will be needing to do what with baby Finn!  And with that said, I think Finn is a great baby!  And I think that him being my 3rd has helped the both of us.  Of course there are still things we are working on, and there always will be.  But for the most part, I feel like we know what we are doing a little more this time around. 

Hope you have enjoyed my explanation of why I feel like we are starting to feel better around the Coster house!  ;)

Stay warm in this change to fall weather! Brrrr!


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