Friday, October 5, 2012

Sad Lip and Breakfast

I wanted to get some pictures of the 3 boys together since I hadn't done that for a while.  So, yesterday, on Finn's 1 month birthday, I got a couple of pictures taken.  And this is the one that was best!  Two happy guys, and one not so much...just after I snapped the picture though, the sad lip was gone.  I am glad I got it taken at that very second! :)

Today is my moms birthday!  Gabe, Finn, myself and Grandma went to breakfast at the all time favorite, Morning Glory!  Finn slept through his first meal out.  We had a great time!  The company was wonderful and the food delicious!  Never a let down at Morning Glory.   

On a side note, Finn has started to smile at us.  Not just above us (when he looks at his angels) or while he sleeps, but at us!  It is very exciting!  :)  And he has started to talk a tiny bit too.  Once in a while he tries very hard to get the little baby talking sounds out.  It is very cute. 

Happy Fall!  AloHa!

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