Friday, January 11, 2013

4 Month Weigh In

Finn turned 4 months on the 4th, which meant another check up at the doctors!  I had a list of questions for her which I had been writing down over the last week or thankful for answers! 

Birth weight, 10# 3oz.  4 months, 17# 10oz.  90 percentile.
Length 26.5".  Also 90%.

Birth Weight, 7# 11oz.  4 months, 17#.
Length 25.5".

Birth Weight, 8# 4oz.  4 months, 17# 5oz.
Length 25.5".

Finn has been the largest of the boys, but has actually gained the less amount of weight overall.   But we love every piece of chub on him that is for sure!  :)   

Hope you are enjoying the new year!  I can't believe it is already the 11th!  Cousin Christian and Uncle Cam's birthdays today! 


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