Friday, June 7, 2013

Our 9 Month Finners

Finn is 9 months!  AH!  We had a visit to the doctor today.  He waved to her, which she loved.  :)  He just started that in the last couple of days.  He also has started to throw tantrums when we take things away from him.  "Yes, it is the worst thing ever to have a sticker taken away that I put in my mouth and is going to make me puke!  The worst!!!"  The doctor said it was a bit early for that, but he has two older brothers for examples.  Wowzers.

I was comparing weights and events of all 3 boys.  Gabe was doing the exact same teething stuff Finn is doing at this age.  The sleeping thing, or lack there of.  Sleep through the night randomly.  And Carson was just starting to sit up from being on his belly.  And just starting to crawl!  Finn has been crawling since the 1st week of April.  Since he was 7 months old!  So crazy how younger siblings do things faster!  Goodness.  Doesn't Finn know he is my baby???

At 9 months
Carson weighed 22# 6 oz, and was 29.5" long.
Gabe weighed 21# 6 oz, and was 28" long.
Finn weighed 21 # 6 oz, and was 29.5" long.

Pretty close!!!

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