Friday, June 7, 2013

Jim's Birthday

Yesterday, the 6th, was my dads birthday.  He would have been 58.  My Uncle Jerry, Jim's brother, wrote this wonderful email that I wanted to share. 

Dear family and friends,

Today is brother Jim's BD.

After wanting him to come down for 30 years, He is finally here, and on his birthday, too.

I am going to bring Jim's ashes back to Oregon. I was planning to take his ashes to Big Sur, but that didn't feel right, "I felt a tremor in the force".

While driving to a my mens' group meeting last Monday night, a picture flashed in my mind. It was one of the pictures playing on the video loop during Jim's remembrance.

It was of a woodland place with a waterfall. Jim appeared to be happy there.  When I brought that image to mind, I had a feeling of peace. There is where I think Jim would be content.

I am back at work at Disney for about a month. I'll be up in Oregon sometime in July, or early August. Alice {one of Jim's great friends from work at KTVL} will have to show me where that waterfall is. I'll do my fair well to Jim there.

For the time being, he'll just have to be patient.

I toasted Jim with a swig of Rock Star, his drink of choice. Yuck. I don't see how the guy could take that stuff.

I wish him, and all of us, peace and happiness.


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