Friday, July 5, 2013

Our 4th of July

 Finn is now 10 months old!  I really don't know where the last 10 months went?!  Our baby is growing too fast!  Only 2 more months left until he is a one year old! Boo hoo... :(
He participated in his first 4th of July yesterday!  And overall, I would say he had a blast!   

 We started our celebration with family and friends by setting up our spot at 6am on the 3rd.  Well, my mom and Kristin did, at least.  I worked on packing up the car and getting everything in my car that we would need for the 4th (aside from food).  Jogger, chairs, blankets, that we could park it and leave it close to our spot so we didn't have to lug everything up to our spot with the 3 kiddlings.  It worked out very well.   

We watched Trever and Carson finish their second 2 mile 4th of July race.  This year they ran the whole thing, and Trever didn't have to carry Carson.  They finished in 24 minutes and 22 seconds, which for a 6 year old, I think is wonderful!  I am so proud of them! 
After we all ate some breakfast at our spot, we headed down to where the LMTV, Ambulance, Hummer and Ford were along with the troops to meet up with the Vets that wanted to join the entry and walk with the National Guard for the parade.  I am so truly moved and blessed to work with these men and women who are serving this country!  It just amazes me.  

Jerry, one of our Vets, waiting for the parade to start.

Some of the guys and my family.

IT's HERE!  It's HERE!  I get a bit excited and worked up waiting for them to come by us.  :)  I love it!  And I am so pleased!  Thank you to the men and women who risk giving up their lives to protect my life and my families lives.  I am forever grateful. 

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends.  So happy for the weekend to rest up!  :)

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