Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Count my Blessings

If you are reading this and live around the area I do, you have been experiencing the nastiness of smoke as well!  It is awful!  I don't remember it being this bad for many many years.  Which is a good thing!

My blessings:
Today I was told by Carson I am the best mom (he doesn't say that to me, oh, almost ever!)
Last night Gabe told me that too (he is a little more free with that).

I got to go on a date with Carson and Gabe this morning.  We had to do a couple of errands (drop off a box at the post office, drop off something for Carson's school, and go to the store) and then I wanted to surprise them with something.  I am rarely able to do anything with them.  Usually I have Finn and one of them, or just Finn.  So I wanted to try to come up with something (inside and out of the smoke!) for the 3 of us to do.  We went to Market of Choice, grabbed 2 individual packs of cream cheese (which we never do!) and then they got to pick out a bagel.  We went to the toaster, I sliced them and then we toasted them up and went to the tables.  The boys thought this was great!  I was a little bit proud of myself for coming up with something that they liked and that didn't include sugar.  :)  Then we went to the library for story time.

 After our date, we went to the bank, where Jim (my dad) banked and I was able to close out his account for the Estate.  I am really happy to have that done!  Apparently you have to wait 75 days after the death.

We don't have to breath in this smoke while we are in the house!  Praise the Lord for AC!
My moms neighbor bought an adorable onesie at a garage sale this weekend, and Finn wore it this morning and was hamming it up!  Big time.

I am thankful for dark chocolate.  A lot.  Gotta say, I love it. 
Time with my mom to visit our dear family friends.

My mom, Kathy, me, Alicia, Carson, Eloise, and Finn in Lake Oswego at the grower market.

Chris and Finn.

Our room.

Where Carson, Finn and I slept.

I have been able to get back to the Y a bit!  Woo-hoo!
I am so excited and thankful that the Presbyterian rummage sale is coming up again this Friday.  And I get to go to it with my mom, friends and niece!  So excited!  
Family.  Family is so important to love and support each other.  It amazes me.  Sticking together, helping each other.  Doing what is best for your family.  Such a blessing.
And of course, I am always thankful to the Lord.  The one and only who loves me uncondtionally.  Always.  No matter how I am acting, or how appreciative I am.  He alwasy loves me.  How can you repay that?  You can't!  That is how awesome God's gift is!  He gave his only Son with knowing that we can never repay him!  NEVER!  Wow.  Try wrapping your head around that!  Pretty awesome crazy, if you ask me!
A safe place to sleep every night.
And even though we are having to run the AC at night, I am so so thankful that I am not having to evacuate my home because of these nasty fires!  Wow.  Can't imagine how that would feel.   
My 3 sons.  They do drive me batty, but they are such a blessing and I know that we all have each other, to lean on and enjoy life with!
Friends.  Friends that I have had since 6th grade, and new friends that I have met through church and Carson's class.
I know that the smoke is so disgusting and awful for us to be breathing, but I am liking that it is darker during the nights and early morning.  And that we can have our curtains closed to make it darker too.  I do miss the fresh air though...for sure!  
Eloise, Alicia and Finn.
I hope you are enjoying your summer!  Even if it is hot, be thankful that you can go outside and not be breathing in ash.  Not much fun.  But, I am glad it isn't always like this!  That is for sure!


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