Monday, December 7, 2009

2 bad almost makes 1 good

Gabe has been having a hard time at night lately. He is teething and gets extra mucusy from that and then wakes up and cries which makes it worse. On Friday night we tried to just have him cry it out, but after a period of time, Trever was able to calm him down and get him back to sleep. Saturday night was a whole different story!!!

After he went to bed and slept for 45 minutes, he was up and crying. Neither one of us could get him to calm down so he could breath through his nose. He was very upset. After hours of trying and nothing working, I decided to give him a bath in hopes that the steam would clear things up, so he could breath better. I was sitting there at 12:30am thinking about how I never thought I would be bathing at that time of night. However, I was and it reminded me of the last time I took a bath at 11pm, when I was in labor with Carson on 11.30.06.

The steam and distraction of the bath helped his nose. He ate and was asleep by 1am. My oh my.

Last night we were doing good until 5am. He woke up, ate a little and went back to sleep. He has been such a great sleeper at night, I really hope this waking up stops ASAP!!!

Novembers pictures can be seen here.


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BETHANY said...

Elevate the top of his mattress, run a humidifier, and put some Vicks on the bottom of his feet.