Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Things for the Costers prt 1

Gabe climbed up on the wrapping paper bin while I had it out. Notice anything sticking out in most of the pictures?

This week, my mom, myself, and the boys did a little shopping and Carson joined in on the fun.

He chose the shoes that he wanted to try on. After shopping, I needed to change Gabe's diaper, so while I was doing that Carson thought he would get comfy. After I took a picture of him he said, "let me take a picture of you" to my mom and I.

Yesterday Carson counted backwards from 5 totally out of the blue. Didn't know he could do that?!

This last week I had a headache one day, hurt my leg on a toy another day, and a 3rd something happened that I can't remember right now, but with all of those things one thing was in common. My little man, Carson, prayed for me. It was his idea to do it and we had to hold hands while he prayed. He would say, "Jesus thank you for mom and that her ______ (whatever the need was) doesn't hurt. Jesus name, Amen." I just love my little guy!!!

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