Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Mom's Day!

Just wanted to say thank you, Mom for all those years of putting me first and yourself after that. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.
Taking me to Kristina's.
Buying me my favorite noodle soup.
Having Grandpa and Grandma live with us while you got your Master's.
Buying me clothes for school.
Helping me make my first cakes.
Planning wedding/baby showers for me.
Enjoying/helping with Carson and Gabers.
And for all those things/times that I can't mention here because we just don't have enough time.
The list goes on and on. So, thank you! XOXOXO.

And to my Mom-in-Law. Thank you!
For having Trever!
For raising him in a Christian home.
For helping with Carson and Gabe.
For giving me knowledge on different idea's/plans/options for my boys' future.
This list also, is continuous and would go on and on. So, thank you! XOXO.

To all the other Mom's ~ Hope you have a blessed day spent with your family and friends and are reminded of how blessed you are to. be. a. mom.


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