Monday, May 10, 2010

My HEART is Blessed

I have a friend, who has a little (and by little I mean younger, cause he is actually about 6' 5" tall!) brother who I am so proud of. He and I have never had a friendship, just my friends bro, who goes to the church I used to go to. He has been working (for Apple Cellar, as a delivery guy, which I think might include some very early hours) since he graduated from high school, going to SOU to get his Master's and he loves the Lord! I am just so proud of him for doing what he is doing.

I have another friend who has an older sister. This older sister has 2 girls who go to AWANA where Carson goes. One of them is in his combined Puggles and Cubbies class. Today I was talking with my friend about her sister (& family) and found out that they go to church every Sunday. This news has blessed my heart so much!

God is so good! And we need to remember that every single person has been made in His image, according to Genesis 1:26 & 27. It doesn't matter what they have done or not done. God made them and He loves them. We also need to remember that people watch us and hopefully are blessed by decisions that we have made as I am by the 2 people I mentioned above.


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