Monday, May 3, 2010

Sandals, Uh-Oh, and Diego

We tried out the new (to us, from Earth Friendly Kids) See Kai Run sandals for Gabe.

Gabe said Uh-Oh, or "Ah-ah" last night for the first time. This morning I got a little of it on video. It is at the very end. He opens his mouth very wide, messes with his tongue a little and says it.

These guys are so amazing when they learn things! I was saying amen this morning and Gabe was staring at my mouth, trying to repeat it. Didn't really sound anything like amen, but he was concentrating and trying. :)

Carson has been potty trained (during the day) for almost a year now. We have been working on going poops in the potty since then. Usually he goes in the potty, but last week he wouldn't even try to go in the potty, and went within minutes of me putting on his diaper. Over the weekend, my mom got him this Diego potty seat. Once he saw it he said many wows, and cools. He tried it that day and had success!

We are at my moms today and had this conversation:
C: My tummy hurts. I don't have to go poops.
M: Are you sure? Do you want to try?
C: No. Do we have the Diego potty?
M: No. We don't. Do you want to put a diaper on?

Several hours went by and he said his tummy hurts again. So I asked him if he wanted to go in his diaper.
C: Yes. (So while I was putting it on), he said me, am I going to go poops in my diaper?
M: Where else would you go?
C: In the potty.

SURE! Why not? Since he mentioned it, I was definitely going to take him up on his offer. :)
And he went! YAY! Oh, the joys in potty training!?

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