Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Gabe had just gotten out of a shower and I snapped some pics of his cute little self.

Boy! It is already the 18th of May! I can't believe how fast this year is just flying by!!!

Speaking of "boy," my cousin Erika and her hubby, James, found out a couple weeks ago that they are having a boy! I am so excited for the 2 of them to experience this blessing! Can't wait for little Logan to be here later this summer!

I have a couple (or a bunch) of random pictures that I want to share with you.

5.5.10 Brothers playing with each other!


Mother's Day.

Daughter, Mother and Grandmother. Mother's Day.

Grandma and Gabe (Mother's Day).

My eye. 5.9.10

A reminder of God's Promise - a double rainbow!

Gabe, the sandwich (he did this all by himself!). 5.15.10

I know this pic is in the above collage, but I just love it so much!

Does he look excited at all??? 5.11.10

Carson playing with Gabe. 5.17.10

Hope you all are doing great! Aloha.

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The Frechette's said...

Those are great pics Simone! Thanks for sharing. Hope you guys are doing well! And yes, I agree... time is going by SO fast!