Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dryer Fun & A Harvest-Full Walk

Yesterday Carson was somewhere in the house, and while he was gone, Gabe did a little hiding! Carson would say, Gabe where are you, and then we would hear Gabe say something...Carson kept going from the laundry room/garage door and back to the bedrooms. He couldn't find him anywhere! So, finally I joined it and we found him! In the DYER!

Carson wanted a turn and was in there about as long as I had the camera up taking this picture. He didn't like it much!

This morning, my mom, Carson, Gabe and I walked to the Library for story time. I rode the scooter, Carson his bike, Gabe in the stroller and Grandma pushing the stroller. On the way there, it was little hard because it was up hill mostly, and Carson wasn't wanting to ride. We were bookin' it on the down/flat part of the way home though. It was a blast!

We found come chestnuts on the ground and piled up Gabe's hat with the nuts and the very poky outer layers. We have no idea what to do with them, but boy are they lovely!!! Then we came across some apples that were on the ground and grabbed those for the horses.

The outer part of the nut doesn't look like pretty. And it doesn't feel pretty either.

The inside is just lovely though!

Apples for the horses.


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