Monday, November 28, 2011

How much is too much???

The 17th was my 32nd birthday and I have always been more than willing to celebrate bunches! :) This year was no different. It is kinda all different things though, and a lot more spread out.

It kinda started on the 12th. I was at the Expo craft fair all day, my mom had the boys and Trev was in California with his dad, brother, and nephew. My mom and the boys picked me up and went to Senor Sams and shared an old favorite, nachos!

The 13th, my Grandma, mom and the boys went to Morning Glory for my favorite breakfast! Those oatmeal pancakes are just too good!

The 16th, my mom took me and the boys to another oldie but goody! House of Thai! I haven't been there for so long! And that used to be a favorite birthday place. Gotta love their chicken phad thai.

I haven't eaten out this much in ages!!! Maybe high school days?

November 17th! The big birthday. I spent all day with my besties enjoying one of our favorite pass times! Stayed up way too late, but it was worth it!

The 18th, our family friends from Portland stayed the night at my moms, they got in a little late so we didn't meet up until breakfast. We had a great time on the 19th and had fun talking, playing and repacking their SUV up! It was a great morning!!! I haven't celebrated a birthday with Jacqueline for about 15 years (actually there was a year we did have lunch with them about 9 years ago in the Portland area)! And we had her adorable girls here to party with my boys and her husband, Jake, got to join in also!

The 27th was a family and friend dinner at my moms for myself and Carson's 5th birthday! It was very busy, but such a blessed time! We also got to celebrate Annalies' 10th birthday which is on 12.4.11 and Katrina's which is today, 11.28.11!

Thank you to all who came! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did! It was a blast! Thank you very much!

With all that, it has been a very blessed birthday! I love my family and friends very much!

Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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