Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thankful Heart.

Promises from the Lord, especially Psalm 91 (this week).
A home to live in.
The Holiday Months.
Forgiving Family & Friends.
Perky, adorable blue eyed & blond haired boys, that can so easily make me want to laugh & cry all in one day! :)
A husband who loves me.
A car to drive.
A great church to belong to.
A favorite book I got to see as a movie.
An awesome bed to sleep in at night!
A place to exercise at, thank you YMCA.
A camera to document life.
Great AWANA workers to teach and take care of our kids.
Middle of the week dinner at a local church, time to visit with an old friend & worship.
The love of the Lord. Always & forever loving me. Amazing.

These are just some of things I am thankful for. What are things that you are thankful for?

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Love you and have a safe fun day!

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