Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope the mom's have had a wonderful, blessed day!

Yesterday, my mom had the boys for the afternoon so that Trev and I could go to lunch and a movie!  We ate at the Red Zone, downtown, which we hadn't been to yet.  It was delicious!!!  We both ate so much for lunch we didn't eat anything until around 8pm last night.  We walked to the movie from there and saw The Avengers.  We both really enjoyed that.  After the movie, we found a bench and did a little people watching.  Tourist season is great for that!  The boys got hair cuts last night to hopefully bring a little relief to their hot heads.  :) Carson's hair is so thick, that last night while watching TV he was hopefully having less hair will help them out. 

A before hair cut picture.  Carson before his AWANA Serendipity Dinner.

Today we all got up, ate and got ready for church.  Carson and Gabe helped Trever give me my gifts.  I got the always needed Arm & Hammer laundry detergent.  :)  That wasn't really a gift, but it is something that is always needed.  And I also got two Essie nail polishes!

At church all the moms received a carnation, and I got a necklace from Carson made of paper flowers and different colored cut up straws.  And in Sunday school Carson had his hands traced, Gabe had his hands painted and the hand prints were put on a piece of paper that says something like "When I get big, this is to remind you of how little my hands were" which this mom just loves to much!  Those are both going into the filing cabinet!

Trev and the boys dropped me off at Cafe Denjeuner, which is where my mom and Grandma had brunch, again.  We ate there last year also!  The food is amazing!  I stuffed myself, again, and then came home and took a bit of a nap!

My boys and I!  My mom, Grandma and I after lunch, and Trev rocking with Gabe after nap time.

I hope you have had a wonderful time celebrating and being celebrated today!  God is good and He loves us! 


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