Wednesday, May 9, 2012


If you have heard our car arrive, you might have noticed the squeak that goes along with it when we stop.  Needless to say, we have needed new brakes.  Yesterday, after a lot of research, Trev changed out our front brakes all by himself!  I am so proud of him for taking on a task that he had never done before and getting it done.  A bonus is that they brakes work!  :)  And there is a lot less squeak!  The back brakes are next!

 The boys and I watching Trev test the brakes...

As many of you know, Mother's Day is this Sunday!  I really had no idea what to get my mom, and was thinking about a plant of some sort.  Then, with a suggestion of getting a plant from the Grower Market, I came up with the gift idea of a pizza garden.  I had seen Roger Cook, on This Old House, make one and looked for the video, but couldn't find it.  So, I did a search and came up with a list of herbs to put in the garden.

The boys and I went to the Market yesterday, and after a lot of looking around, purchased pesto, an orange pepper plant, parsley, and creeping thyme.  We went to my moms, spiffed up a planter with some horse manure (thank you Uncle Cam's horses!) and planted the herbs/pepper plant in their new home.  There are also going to be 6 tomato plants after this weekend planted, so I passed on putting a tomato plant in the little pizza garden.   

 Carson is holding the sign we made for Grandma that tells her what is in her new pizza garden!

This morning, since it is at her house and she will see it, we gave it to her, even thought it is a bit early! 

Hope you all enjoy your Mother's Day weekend, whether you are being celebrated or celebrating with your mom!


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