Saturday, May 26, 2012

Out of Town Family!

Wednesday my Uncle Curt came into town and the get togethers started!  Thursday my Uncle Carter, and his wife Marta came into town the get togethers continued...

We have had a Cribbage game, yummy food, family of a time!

5.25.12  BBQing, game playing, eating time. 

Last night we had a potluck at my moms to have family friends over to see the out of town family.  There was a ton of amazing food and fantastic company!  It was a blast!!!  We even had a little of Sundae School, thanks to the Cox family! 

Gabe enjoying his Sundae School, Zapata and Grandpa Jay getting their Sundaes.
Salad Marta made, and a casserole that Leo, my Grandma's
neighbor/friend made! 5.25.12

Today we had a family lunch at the Talent Cafe.  It was great food and very large portions!  Tonight we will have our last family dinner, and celebrating Curt's birthday (which is tomorrow) at my Grandma's as Carter and Marta are leaving tomorrow.  Curt will be heading out early Monday morning.

It has been a very busy last couple of days, but it is so amazingly perfect to have all the family together!  I love the time they are here!


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