Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Show

Last night and today Dance Works was having their annual dance show.  I haven't been for years, mainly because of kids or finances, but yesterday afternoon we got a text saying that some of the family had an extra ticket and would I like it?  So with the encouragement of Trever, I thought I would go.

And I am so happy that I did!

My sister-in-law, Sandra choreographed 3 of the dances, performed in one dance, my niece performed in 2, my nephew performed in 2 (I think, maybe 3) and a lot of other kids I know from around town.  It was so fun!  I loved it!

While I was watching, I couldn't help but notice some of the dancers who absolutely loved what they were doing and looked like they were having a blast verses some of the other ones who looked like "why am I doing this?"  Some of them seemed like they weren't enjoying themselves at all.  There was one gal, in particular, that I actually used to babysit at the YMCA about 14 years ago, who was amazing!  I wold try to watch the whole group and go from dancer to dancer, but I kept just watching her.  She was very impressive!    

Once I got home and ready for bed, I started to think about the dancers who were enjoying themselves (smiling) vs. the ones that didn't look like they were having a very good time.  For some reason I thought of the Lord and found myself wondering if He looks at us and sees people enjoying themselves and sees others that just seem to be skating by.  I know that at times in my life, I probably have seemed like I would rather be doing anything else than what I am doing.  Then I thought about how sad that would be to be the Lord.  His children who say they love Him, just doing the basics in life because that is what is so called required. Having a relationship with the Son, who died on the cross for us, should be passionate, thankful, a desire, a need that we have.  How loving is our God though, that whether we look like the dancers having the time of our life or the ones not enjoying it so much, that He still loves us unconditionally!  His love is so amazing to me!       

Hope you can  understand my jibber jabber.  I think I thought about it better than it actually came out.  :)  Hope you can make some sense of it! 

Enjoy your week! Aloha.

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