Friday, February 8, 2013

Finn is 5 months!

I can't believe Finn is already 5 months old!  The top two pictures were taken on the 4th.  He has been busy tying to nap, starting to rock on his hands and knees, and LOVES smiling at all of us.  He watches his big brothers like crazy!

I put him on the floor is one spot and come back a couple of minutes later and he is in a whole new spot.  Having him go to sleep for naps and bed and staying asleep is a bit difficult lately.  He likes to rock all around and move forward, left and right, and even roll over and have his head at the other side of where we put him down  for bed.  Him getting up on his knees and rocking with his little booty up in the air is a bit cute, but so hard at 1am, 3am, and in between when we have to put him back to bed.

He has tried squash a couple of times and seems to like it for a couple of bites.  We might move onto a different veggie soon. 

Carson is doing good in school.  Busy learning words, numbers, counting and stuff.  His class went ice skating yesterday for a field trip and he had a great time.  My mom bought him skates this year for Christmas, so we have been trying to get to the rink as much as we can. 

Gabe is trying to learn how to skate, but only wants to hold on to the walker and get pushed around the rink.  :)  He is busy learning the proper way of singing ABC's, and wanting to do everything big brother is doing. 


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