Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things I Love

I love that Carson is learning so much in school.
I love that Gabe is learning songs and letters while we sing to Finn to calm him down.
I love that it is sunny out {for a little while at least}!
I love that Carson can play in the sun outside while the smaller boys are sleeping.
I love that Gabe takes naps!
I love that Finn is still {most of the time} his cheery self even though he is getting two teethies!
I love that my niece and I are running together some mornings.
I love that Gabe, Finn and I can walk to get Carson from school.
I love that my mom, Carson, Gabe and I got a lot more ice skating in this year. 
I love that even though Finn woke up about an hour earlier this morning, he took a fantastic {long} morning nap!
I love that I have a husband who gets the deals, whether it is for car parts, or toiletries.
I love that the Lord is so forgiving to me and my family.
I love that the boys go to AWANA every week and are around wonderful teachers, helpers and kids! 
I love that Carson can sing us songs from VBS from a year or two ago!
I love that I can listen to rain while laying in my cozy bed.
I love that I can ask other moms for help and advice!
I love that I can start to ride my bike again with Finn in the trailer, Gabe on the trail-a-bike, and Carson on his bike.

These are just some of things that I am very thankful for right now.  What are you thankful for?


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