Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Babies

Babies grow so fast.  Amazing how time goes by.  Finn has started to pull himself in his crib, and on furniture around the house.  It seems like it is early, but who knows?! 

I decided to pull out the other boys' calender and see when they started to crawl and then pull themselves up. 

crawled at almost 10 months
pulled self up at 10 months

crawled at 7.5 months
pulled self up at almost 9 months

crawled at 7 months
pulled self up at 7.75 months

So amazing how these little ones learn from watching!  Finn saw a boy on Easter Sunday crawling around in the nursery at church and within 4 days he was doing the same thing!?! 

Enjoy your week!  Aloha.

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