Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pick and Choose

I love "to do" lists in the sense of being able to see what needs to be done, doing the task, and crossing it off the list.  I do not like lists that aren't finished in a day so that you have to pack the list around to make sure you remember everything you need to.  However, with life, kids, marriage and everything in between there just isn't enough time in the day to really get everything I would like to done!

I have recently realized that with the lists, you have to pick what really needs to get done on that day.  Some of my things I had to choose today were, getting Finn a bath, watch a library movie that is due tomorrow (which I started and didn't finish), pick up Carson from school, get everyone food throughout the day as needed.

Tomorrow's list includes, riding bikes to school, having my mom trim my hair, and working on some Trades of Hope things.

 My dear friend, Leah, who has been in Romania the last 7 years doing Missionary work is home visiting for the month of April!  This was taken after Andrew, her English bf, the boys and Leah played some American football.  1st time for Andrew!  4.11.13

Finn looking all Ashland-y with Gabe's hat.  4.10.13 

Gabe, Grandma and Finn at Carson's 1st {freezing!} soccer game.  4.13.13

Carson playing Spring Soccer!

The pictures below were taken in March.  Carson had a cut down birch tree trunk land on his foot.  It was too heavy and he couldn't get his foot out so Gabe pushed it off of him and came and got me.  Carson couldn't walk so they came up with the idea of Carson getting in the back of their dump truck and Gabe would push him to the couch so he could hope up on it. 

Gabe was so concerned for Carson.  Saying "I'm so sorry Carson.  I love you Carson."  And offering a lot of hugs.  And of course, "I love you" in sign language.

I am thankful for the special moments with my sweet boys.  They are very active wild boys, but I love 'em and am so blessed to be raising them.  

Enjoy your family.  Things change.  They grow.  Hold on to the special moments.

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