Friday, April 26, 2013


May 7th is Teacher Appreciation Day.  Carson's teacher left right before spring break for maternity leave, so the T.A. that was assisting became the teacher for the rest of the year.  29 Kindergartners.  With boys.  And girls of course too!  Amazing what they do, and that the kids are learning and the teacher's are not just avoiding certain situations.  :)  Oh wait, maybe that is just what happens at my house. ;)

I really wanted to get Tia (teacher on leave) something nice since she taught most of the year, and b/c she has really worked and talked with us about different ideas for Carson.  But, I also didn't want to leave out the other two teachers who are now taking care of all the little guys.  So, I decided to make some Trades of Hope purchases!  I hope they love where the gifts have come from and that mamas have made these special items.

So, whether it is a nice card from the child and family, a craft from home, or something from a store, show some love to the teacher's who are spending so much time with our kids!


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