Friday, May 17, 2013

For You

Thank you for loving me
Your own Special Way.
I pray you new how loved
You were by Someone Greater
Than I.  He loved you so,
That He gave you His Son.

Thank you for Giving me
Two gifts to stay and to
Remember you by.
And for this I will always
Be Great full.

Jim with one of his bikes. 

Indy (my youngest sister-one of the gifts left).

My sis, Zapata (another gift left) and our Uncle Jerry (a new relationship).
I was up a lot of the night that I found out my dad passed away.  I have heard that during the night is the most creative times in our lives.  And the above little poem was written during that night.  May 10th/May 11th.

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KI said...

You have the same gorgeous smile as your uncle. Praying for comfort, sis...