Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God is GOOD!

With the chip in Carson's tooth, we knew a visit to the dentist would be happening at some point this week.  The dentist office we go to has two times during the day for emergencies, or situations like ours.  8am or 2pm.  You go to the office, wait, and hope to get seen at some point soon.  I thought 8am would be a little better, hoping the doctors wouldn't be too far behind that early in the day. 

My mom is in Minnesota this week with my Grandma visiting family and friends, so her regular Wednesday off wouldn't be happening, which meant I had to find somewhere for Finn and Gabe to be while I took Carson to Medford to see the dentist.  I also had to go to the lawyers office and sign something for the court. 

Yesterday, I got my dad's 1st piece of forwarded mail in the mail.  It was something very important that I was needing to fill out, get notarized, and faxed back to the company.  I also had to fax something else to a different company in regards to my dad's estate.  Since I had to go to the lawyers office, I thought I could have them notarize the one, and fax both sets of papers to the different companies.  It worked out perfectly!  I was so thankful to the Lord, for the perfect timing. 

I was told by Heidi and my mom to breath and everything will work out.  I was worried about how to get all of this done and find the info I needed to get to the right people.  I worried about it in my sleep and was stressing out about it.  And there wasn't any need to do that.  God, once again, guided me and helped me in this crazy busy time of my life!  Yay!

Not only that, but Carson, Gabe and I got to talk to our friends in Romania!  Leah and Andrew are so loved by us and it is so great to be able to see them.  It isn't as great as playing "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?" with them in the open space, but for now it will have to do!

Carson at the dentist getting tested to see if there is nerve damage to his cracked tooth!  Looks like there wasn't any damage!  Praise the Lord!

We go back to the dentist at the beginning of July to get a filling.  So happy that it isn't too serious!

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