Friday, August 14, 2009

And we had fun, fun, fun!

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We did it! We went to the Yreka Fair and had a great time! We ate LOTS of food and saw lots of great things. Animals, CHIP car, fire trucks, tractors, Smokey the Bear, and the train. There are more pictures here if you would like to see them.

It was a wonderfully shaded fair! You should really think about going next year. It is only about 45 minutes away, clean (there were teenagers picking up garbage the whole time we were there), SO shaded, small and fun! They also have lots of bathrooms around that are clean, have soap and paper towels, and hand washing stations around all the animals. There is also a breast feeding station. There is a shaded tent and 4 tarps for walls for privacy. There is a clean changing table (which we used-the gal said she cleans it after every use and puts down a new towel thing), chairs to sit and feed babies, a boppy and a hand washing station. I'm telling ya, this fair has it all!

Naps were all off today because of the big outing, but we had a blast. Carson and Gabe were both wonderful! 2 real cutie-patooties if you ask me. ;)


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The Frechette's said...

Ooh, that does look like fun. It sounds like a very nice fair. Hopefully we can go next year!