Saturday, August 1, 2009


We got to eat our first ripe tomatoes on Tuesday! So fun to enjoy the garden.

There have been a couple different things go on this week that were new and different. One, was that I had 2 girlfriends over, Gina and Jodie, on 7.28. The 3 of us haven't gotten together for a very long time. Jodie is expecting twin girls, due this December! So exciting for her and Matt (her hubby)!

The next big activity was Carson spending his first night away from home, last night. He went and stayed the night with Gramma. He did a great job! It was very different at home with just us 3. A lot quieter around here without the pitter-patter of his little feetsies running around.

Here he is with his "new" backpack on that almost pulled him backwards it was so heavy for him. He was determined to wear it though. :)

Right before we went and got him, he had gotten stung by a bee. First time in his life. He had a swollen red bump, but by the time we got home the redness was gone and he wasn't mentioning it. He also cried and was saying he didn't want to leave. That is good sign, huh? :) We are so thankful to Gramma for taking him. Glad everyone had a great time. We will definitely be doing that again. A good habit to get into. We are so blessed that we have family around so we have that option.

Here is Gabe looking behind him at the picture on his buzzer chair. 8.1.09.

Happy August everyone!


Anonymous said...

First night away is fun stuff!! I love the backpack. :)

(Bethany ... who has constant troubles leaving messages with the way your comment section works.)

BETHANY said...

Just experimenting.

BETHANY said...

And one more method.

BETHANY said...

Woo hoo!! It worked. You're a champ. :)