Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Days

On Wednesday my mom, myself, Carson and Gabe went up to Lake of the Woods again with part of the Cox family. We had a great time! Carson played with Carly's little floaty the WHOLE time. She was so great to share with him. Here are some pictures of the little day trip.

A friend of Trever's, Greg, from college is visiting his parents in Merlin and invited us up to eat lunch and have some pool time. Another one of their friends, Selena, also from college, was able to come too. We had a great time and are so happy we were able to see all of them, even if it was just for a couple of hours. Here are some pictures of that time.

I have been watching Gabe's little friend, James, who is 5 days older than Gabe a couple of days for the last couple weeks. James' dad who is usually home with him is a fishing guide, and he has been on the river so they have needed some extra help.

Besides the regular house duties, that is about all we have been doing. Oh, we went to our friend, Zach's, 1st birthday party on Sunday night. That was very nice being able to celebrate with them. We also got to meet his brand new cousin, Isaac. Which of course was so fun! He is so cute and tiny. Amazing how in just 4 short months babies grow SO much!!!


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