Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here are some more pictures from July. I am just amazed that it is already August! Wow. How time DOES fly.

My firend, Deborah, was telling me that when her daughter spends the night somewhere she "pays" for it for 2 days. I now know what she was talking about. :) Carson has been pretty emotional since he has been home after staying the night at Gramma's house. I know it was different and new, plus the bee sting (which we found out he isn't allergic too, Praise the Lord!), has added to the difference in his attitude. Pretty interesting the changes they go through. I also remember my SIL telling me that when her kids were around their grandparents it would take them a little time to readjust their attitudes also. All these new experiences we are going through that I have heard about from family and friends is kind of funny.

Carson is in for another treat tonight. Mimi has been gone for over a week and she invited him over to spend time there for a little while this evening. That means Trever and I get to load up and organize our extra fridge in the garage that we just got last week (for free, YEAH!) So exciting. That means we also get to make ice cubes which we haven't had this year because we don't have room in the freezer in the house. The things that make me so excited! :)

Don't know about you, but last night we had some thunder storms. Along with the storms came some hail. Yeah, it was oh, about 95* outside and we had hail! What is all that about? Here are a couple pix of that. In the top pix look for white stuff in the grass. The bottom one is better, pretty obvious piece of hail.

On a side note, I have been "trying" to run a little more lately. Last week I ran for 40 minutes without walking. I was pretty surprised and hope to keep it up and increase the length of time in the future.

And thank you Bethany, for helping me figure out the "comments" section on my blog. :)

Oh, and Crystal had her baby! YEAH! Nehemiah was born at 10:20pm on 7.29.09. 1 week late! WOW! Congrats to the Frechette family!


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