Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Air Show

Carson got to go to the Redding air show on Sunday with Papa and Grandpa. They had a good time. Although, it was very hot, 105* (weather, 110* tarmac)!!! They hung out on the tarmac under a wing of an airplane. Trever said that when Carson was in the airplane (since there wasn't any air circulation) and got out, the 110* tarmac felt cool.

The planes that were there, including the Blue Angels, sounded so neat!!! Amazing tricks they all can do! I really hope the weather is better next year (if they have it) so that Gabe and I can join the rest of the gang.

I have a short video of Carson showing me what the jets did, but for some reason can not get it to upload. So, I will have to do that at a later time.


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