Monday, September 28, 2009

This Mama is PROUD!!!

Carson has been potty trained for a good couple of months now. He goes poops in his diapers still (he tells us when he has to go), and wears them for nap and bedtime, but during the day we are potty trained.

This morning he said he needed to go, so I put a diaper on him, he went and that was that. I was just in Gabe's room, and Carson came in and he said he had to go more. So, I said, "K, why don't you go on the potty?" He said, "no, I want to go in mine diaper." I said, "Here, sit down on your potty and go. Let me know when you are done." He did a great job and went a lot more!

I know, I know, TMI, but this mama has got to share!

Part of his reward for going on the big boy potty is blowing out a match. I light it, hold it and he blows it out and then I pull the match away really fast and he waves his hand around to move the smoke around. I kept telling him "I am so proud of you!" And he would say, "Thank you." The last time I said it, he said "your welcome." :) I said, "you are such a big boy!" And he said, "I knooww. Thank you." And then he asked, "can I tell Papa when he comes home?"

Babies grow oh so fast! It just amazes me! It really does. Enjoy every moment! The good, the bad and the ugly. Remember we don't get these days back.


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Goosegirl said...

Congrats to Carson! Woohoo!

Cute idea for a reward. I had never thought of that one before.