Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Week

We have had more than the normal amount of evening activities this week.

Monday was our anniversary and to celebrate Trever and I went to dinner at our absolute (excluding our favorite restaurant in Hawaii) favorite! Larks. Yeah for us! Only been since March that the 2 of us have gone out alone, well to dinner that is.

Wednesday, Trever needed a ride to pick up our car at the mechanic's and was picked up by his dad in the dump truck. Carson loved that!

Thursday night we had a couple of friends over. Ryan and Cat. Next week they are going to Europe for almost 3 months, so I wanted to catch up before they head out. They both got lots of kid/baby time. It was super cute!

Friday night Debbie, my sis, and Guy came up and we had a potluck with them, the Cox's, and my Gramma and her friend, Tom. Lots of talking, eating a great dinner and yummy desserts were the name of the game. Auntie Z even helped Carson sit in a tree!

On a personal note. I got my postcard from Locks of Love this week, for cutting my hair off. It was a very nice little note.

Think that covers the week! Hope you are enjoying this fabulous weekend!



ALLISON said...

Awesome job girl! My girls and I are striving for this adventure but I"m going CRAZY not cutting my hair off. Its very long for me so I just need to keep praying God keeps me focused on the task at hand...I wear lots of ponytails!

ALLISON said...

P.S. How do you do the cool collages with your posts?