Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have been listening this week to more of the teaching I refereed to earlier in the week. The main topic is how we are supposed to be "Christ like." Since God sent Jesus to die for us, we are made perfect in Him. Through Jesus' blood we are made perfect. Of course, we all fall short of that, but with repentance we are right back where we are supposed to be. And with that we are to show everyone love. The love of the Lord. Most of the time, I feel I am so not good at that! People should be seeing Jesus in me.

With that said, I have been thinking this week about the attitude I usually have. Not necessarily a bad one, but a sarcastic or "hard" one. I really don't mean to hurt peoples feelings, but I think that I do. That makes me really sad, and if I have ever done that to you I am deeply sorry. I need to learn and am praying to have an attitude of the Lord. I was listening to another teaching last week that was talking about doing extra things - making a faith effort in the Lord. Biting our tongue, passing the cookie jar, being nice to someone who is rude...that is when the Lord notices we are trying and want to make a difference in our own life.

Again, sorry if I have been rude, or offended you in any way. I am really trying to change my words that come out of my mouth. Words that will encourage everyone around me and words that will glorify the Lord. This is something hard to do on my own and I will have to continually be coming to Lord for His help.


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