Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have not been to church for about a month with all 4 family members. Trever and Carson go more often than Gabe and I (so Gabe can nap).

This morning we all trucked it over and enjoyed church again! I just love my church! Awesome, getting after it worship-it was so great!

I know I am going to get some major comments about this next part, but here we go. ;) Carson goes to Sunday School right away, and the 3 of us go in and worship. So, today I thought, maybe Gabe and I should look into his class so I can start to work on my letting go skills. That is correct, 10 month old Gabe, has not been to his class yet, he has stayed with me. He usually naps and then we go to the "Nursing Moms Room" where there are a couple of toys a TV to watch the teaching and some chairs. So after worship, we went to the childcare area and got the scoop for my little Gabe. We hung out in his class until service was over. He had a great time, crawling around and chewing on toys. And I got plenty of info on what happens in the childcare area.

The church has a ministry called Wheels of Hope that collects certain foods from the congregation and then delivers it to needy families a couple times a year. One of the gals that was blessed with this ministry spoke today. She said that they had no food (and no idea of when or how they would get food) at all until Wheels of Hope showed up. She was able to put her kids to bed with a full tummy that night. She said that she felt like such a failure putting her kids to bed hungry. Can you imagine that? Just thinking about that for my kids and then thinking that people have to experience this makes me cry! I just can't imagine how that would feel. It is just completely heart wrenching. There is so much need in the world, and in our towns, it is just mind boggling. I am so thankful that people are able to get help. And I am so thankful for all I have! Thank you Jesus! God is awesome and such a great provider! Oh, BTW, the gal that spoke has been coming to church ever since she was blessed by Wheels of Hope. Praise God!

This is Gabe on our way home from church. Missing that morning nap is a real doozy! Carson was busy reading books and piling them on Gabe we found out once we got home. ;)

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