Saturday, January 2, 2010

Complex and kids

I have 2 very important questions for you and I really would like feedback for both. Please.

At what point and how do you decide when to "stop" having kids? Age, finances, 1 boy, 1 girl...?

A. Do you wear (or how do you feel about wearing) brown and black together? For example: I have a brown pair of shoe that have black soles, does that mean I can wear a black shirt or only a brown shirt?
B: Jewelry. Do you wear gold and silver together? Is that a fashion faux pas?

Looking forward to hearing about what you have to say!



BETHANY said...

The kid thing. There's no "right" answer that fits every family. I'd say pray about it. Don't make a decision out of fear, peer pressure, frustration, or selfishness.

That's my "bare bones" answer. The bottom line. :)

Anders Family said...

Prayer, if you don't feel like your family is complete, then God may have more kids in store for you. If you feel like you're done, then you may be done, it also could all change in a year or 2 or three, you never know! If it is your desire to have more, God will grant the desires of your heart and take care of the rest, provide the necessary finances, take care of you during pregnancy no matter the age, whatever feels right to you, there is no right answer, as long as you feel good with your decision, that's all that matters!!!

The brown and black thing, I would say if the shoes have both black and brown then it is okay to wear either color, if the shoes are all black or all brown, then just stick with one color, or you could always wear brown pants/skirt with a black top or vice versa, then it all works. Same with the silver and gold, I personally don't wear gold, but it is ok to wear them together, they even make jewelry now that has both as a way to transition into wearing them together. You can wear anything if you wear it with confidence! ;) Hope that helps!

Jim and Rachel Andras said...

Ok...I don't think I have ever commented so here it goes.

1. I was just thinking about if you were going to have another baby as I was hanging up some of James' clothes tonight. My answer to your question is 'I do not know". I like the prayer answers ...maybe give it some more time to think about it and enjoy the two beautiful boys you have now.

2. I do NOT like the silver and gold mix. But I do like the brown and black thing together. Go with it girlfriend! Just don't start matching your lipstick to things you are wearing or carrying... :) That is SOOO Southern and not the part I miss.

BETHANY said...

I read your clarification post, so I'll clarify.

Our decision is "one at a time". Well, we'd obviously take multiples if they came along, but you get the drift. :)

Anders Family said...

Well, to clarify, for us I've always wanted even numbers, so it's either going to be the 2 we have, or 4, coming from a family with 4 kids, I think that's a good number. I personally don't feel like we are done, sometimes when I am holding both boys, I feel like someone is missing, like I am forgetting about someone, so I don't know if we're done or not. It is weird, Zach is the age Elijah was when we started trying for another, but I can't even imagine trying right now, Zach seems so young still, so if we do go for more it will have to be a while from now! Hope that answers it for you! So what's your answer???

Anonymous said...

Hi Simone!
I love having 3 and haven't experienced any "odd man out" stuff. I guess having the 2 boys right together helps...they have each other and Hannah often hangs with me. So, that's probably why.

My best friend here has 11 - and she is BLESSED - OK...a little tired and crazy, but very blessed. God is going to see you through whether you have 2 or 20...

As far as how many.....God will show you! He made it very clear for us...I wont go into "how" here on your blog, but He answered. Sometimes, I still hope God will drop one more little girl on us from somewhere - since I can't have anymore, but I'm trusting Him with those details.

And about the whole brown/black issue........GIRL - I know we don't dress up over here like you Mainland folk do....but I have one pair of brown and black slipper crocs that I wear for church and for going to the beach...Seriously...besides my running shoes and ballet shoes, that's all I have and I have never wondered if they match anything. (Hmm... maybe I should. LOL)I guess my point is.......... move to Hawaii where you always remove your shoes at the door and no one ever sees them anyway!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wait!! I didn't mean to be anonymous!! It's me, Candie. Sorry!